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Activating Your Skyfallen Cloud Account Post-Migration from Idley Pro.

All Idley Pro users have been moved to Skyfallen Cloud for Gaming along with all their data. This document outlines the process for getting access back to your servers.

Step 1: Locate the recovery email

We have sent every moved account a recovery email in the form of a reset password link. Try locating that email in your inbox. Screenshot 2021-10-24 at 02 09 55

If you are unable to locate it, it’s not a problem. Visit Skyfallen ID password reset page here.

Step 1.2: Enter your email and submit.

Type your email related to the Idley Pro purchases you made. This is the email that was used to send your invoices. Click Get new password afterwards. Screenshot 2021-10-24 at 02 12 56 You should now receive an updated version of the email.

Step 2: Set a new password

Visit the link in your email and type a password that you find secure and click Save Password. Screenshot 2021-10-24 at 02 14 08 Now, you should have a password to sign into Skyfallen Cloud. Not just Skyfallen Cloud but all Skyfallen Services. Explore them on

Step 3: Sign in to Skyfallen Cloud for Games

Skyfallen Games is ready to be used now, visit to start using your account. (You may need to login again with your new password.)

Getting Support

Please visit to raise a support case.