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Skyfallen Cloud Pricing

The pricing information as of October 24, 2021 is available on a per-service basis below.

Game Servers

Plan Name Plan Description Plan Specs Price
Starter Ideal for little groups and for testing. 75% CPU, 1024 MB RAM, 8192 MB DISK 1.50 GBP
Basic A nice beginning for small communities. 100% CPU, 2048 MB RAM, 12288 MB DISK 2.75 GBP
Casual Tailored for average size friend groups. 125% CPU, 4096 MB RAM, 16384 MB DISK 4.50 GBP
Plus A perfect option for public servers just starting out. 150% CPU, 6144 MB RAM, 30720 MB DISK 6.00 GBP
Ultimate Get your dream community with Ultimate performance. 200% CPU, 8192 MB RAM, 51200 MB DISK 8.00 GBP
Extreme Enjoy the power to the limits. 300% CPU, 16384 MB RAM, 102400 MB DISK 14.00 GBP