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What is Skyfallen Cloud?

Skyfallen Cloud is a cloud hosting service offered by Skyfallen that supports hosting Skyfallen Services like Skyfallen ID, SkyTrac or Websites or Cloud Servers or even Game Servers. Currently it is still under development with some hosting options being unavailable at the moment.

Hosting Types Supported

  • Skyfallen ID Cloud Under Development
  • SkyTrac Cloud In Beta
  • Website Hosting Under Development
  • DNS Hosting Under Development
  • Email Hosting Under Development
  • Game Servers All systems operational 🟢

Schedules for Service Releases

Service Name Expected Release Date Progress Priority
Skyfallen ID Cloud N/A N/A 2
SkyTrac Cloud Available in Beta Click 1
Website Hosting N/A N/A 3
DNS Hosting N/A N/A 4
Email Hosting N/A N/A 5
Game Servers Available N/A -