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Information for Idley Pro Customers

Idley, a host successfully ran by Idle Development succesfully for very long, has sadly came to a close very recently due to many financial issues arising. Having provided them with many services, we are deeply sorry about their closure. Idley Pro, which was a joint venture between Idle and Skyfallen will be taken over fully by Skyfallen and will be backed by other investors in the UK. The key people will mostly change with some still remaining.

Lastly before we provide information about what’s next for Idley Pro customers, we’d like to say our best wishes to Idle Development which will be continuing it’s operations in other sectors from now on. We hope Idle Development lives better days in the future. You may join their Discord Server here.

What’s Next?

All Idley Pro users have been migrated to the new Skyfallen Cloud for Gaming. Your servers, payment information, subscriptions, backups and all other data have been transferred over with the exception of user accounts as the data can not be directly transfered from Idle Pass to Skyfallen ID. Visit Activating Your Skyfallen Cloud Account Post-Migration from Idley Pro for more information on how to regain access to your servers.